‘Cold Hands, Warm Heart’ is a kinetic installation in which three taxidermy sheep continuously cry tears into a concrete trough. Referencing the iconic catholic image of the crying Mary, the work asks - somewhat manipulatively - that the viewer empathize with the crying sheep. Large oversized eyes, classical human features of emotion, and a seamless taxidermy installation encourage a public response of melancholic empathy. This work was made in response to the 2007 murder of three individuals in Turkey who worked in a bible publishing house and were killed using gestures of Islamic execution. Despite the use of religious gestures used in the killings, the perpetrators were found to be peons in a fascist scandal called the 'Deep State'. The murders became a central part of the news and tabloid media for years. By February 2015, the perpetrators who had been caught fleeing the crime scene were released from custody without sentence.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart (2009)
Taxidermy sheep, concrete trough, water pump